Mar 26

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A little birdie told me that…

I work a lot from home and my desk sits next to a window looking into the back yard. Sometimes it gets a little stuffy, so my wife is always telling me to “open the window!” and when I do, i’m often welcomed by the singing of the birds in the back yard. Today I took a little more notice and found 6-7 of the same type of bird munching through the debris of a recent garden cleanup.

These little fella’s were having a great time and because I do not have a single ornithological bone in me, I have not a clue what type of bird they are. I could spend a few hours searching on the internet, but then I realized part of the point of this blog is to engage with the community. So anyone a clue as to what this little bird is? This might just spurn the building of a bird feeder so my son’s can enjoy a few of natures little creations.

[Update] Well within an hour we already have our answer. A late night blog follower has informed me that the bird is a white crowned sparrow. According to allaboutbirds.org they are common in our gardens for this time of year and they can be coaxed into the open with backyard feeders. Coax I may well do over the coming weeks!

A white crowned sparrow in the back yard

A white crowned sparrow in the back yard

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  1. Rudha-an

    I’m not an ornithologist either, but that is a White-crowned sparrow. I enjoy the birds so much that I’m beginning to learn more about them. I use this website fairly often. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/Page.aspx?pid=1189&ac=ac

  2. phoenix_t

    yes! i second the white-crowned sparrow identification. I used my local bird guide for Heron’s Head Park to identify it. Even though it lists birds that visit that Bayview Hunters Point park in particular, they’re common birds throughout the city and in the bay. http://www.sf-port.org/index.aspx?page=221

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