Mar 26

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EODTR eats at the Pizza Joint

Eat On Down “The Road” is my plan to have lunch at every food serving business down San Bruno Avenue in the Portola. There is wide range of different foods on offer, but our first stop was a good old classic American Pizza parlor called the Pizza Joint. Located just to the left of the San Bruno Gas Station at Silver and San Bruno, the Pizza Joint is a small, local business that has been serving the area for several years. Opening at 10am and running through till 3am, it is the latest opening business on the whole avenue and I’m sure a regular night spot for those heading home from bars and clubs in the area.

Our four slices in creation

Our four slices in creation

The menu has plenty to offer, from pizza (of course) to pasta, salads and burgers. But this is the Pizza Joint, so we were here to sample pizza. Buying by the slice was going to be the best way to sample a good range of toppings. From behind the counter a smiling Shirley took our order, four slices, one PJ’s Special (Salami, Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Pesto, Bell Peppers & Olives), a Steak Special (Steak, Broccoli, Garlic, Red Potato & Mushrooms), Vegetarian (Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives & Onions) and of course a good old classic Pepperoni. Within less than ten minutes we had four slices on the table and they were very well stocked with topping and the balance with sauce and cheese was about right.

Digging in we found the crusts to be well cooked, a nice crunch on the outside with a good soft base. Ingredients seemed fresh and the overall experience was of a hearty piece of pizza. Robert commented that “On the pepperoni, there is a good quantity of topping and it’s a nice spicy sausage.”. The slices reminded me of the sort I would buy when in central London and typically after an evening of late entertainment.

A slice of steak special

A slice of steak special

As usual with most Pizza restaurants, the menu has plenty of offers. For example ordering two large pizzas with two toppings will only cost you $22.99. Just grab one of the take out menu’s to get the  coupons.

The overall the quality of the pizza was good for the price. My other guest for lunch, William, thought that “…the steak pizza was going to be really heavy, but it’s surprisingly well balanced and not greasy”. Next time I’m heading back from a few late night drinks a slice of pizza here will be the perfect end to the night.

Business is good for the Pizza Joint because they have opened another store in the Mission at 2943 Mission St (415 341 1600), in between 25th and 26th streets. Moe, the owner said that “We make all our pizza’s to order from fresh ingredients, nothing is frozen. We also make all our dough and sauces on site.” Nice to know that local business in the Portola is doing so well. We’d also like to thank the guys we met who work there, Shirley, Memo and JT., this was a good start to my experience of San Bruno lunch times.

Shirley, Memo and JT

Shirley, Memo and JT

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  1. lmilvy

    I assume you mean : The menu has plenty to offer, and not The menu has plenty on offer?

    I am wondering if one of the things they offer is delivery?

  2. onemoetime25

    Yes we do deliver…. (415-467-4100) or you can place your order online @ http://www.pizzajointsf.com

  3. admin

    Thanks for the catch, fixed the error.

    Good to see a reply Moe, i’ll update the article with information about delivery.

  4. lmilvy

    Just discovered there is a delivery charge. Unless the pizza is exceptional, I’ll probably go back to our regular pizza place that doesn’t charge for delivery.

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