Mar 17

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Friends of the Urban Forest comes to the Portola

With the Palega Park improvements starting right next door to our house we were looking for ways to improve our own street. A local neighbor posted to the Portola yahoo group about the Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), a fantastic non-profit organization that helps people plant trees in their neighborhood. They are heading to the Portola for a community planting in June. This means that for only $105 per tree plus a $30 membership you can have a tree planted right outside your house. Founded in 1981, they’ve planted 45,000 trees in San Francisco, that’s 42% of all the street tree canopy in the city!

$135 is stunning value and planting trees will also increase the value of both your property and the neighborhood. In fact 80% of the costs are covered by Friends of the Urban Forest. Now they don’t just drop the tree off outside your door, this is what you get;

  • A tree recommended by our Arborists
  • Three years of tree care services
  • A volunteer planting crew (of which you can also be a part of)
  • New tree owners manual
  • Utility check to ensure no interference (they make sure the tree will not damage water/sewage pipes)
  • Cut and dispose of concrete from the sidewalk

If you are interested, you need to fill the online form here or you might get a form in your postbox over the coming weeks. They need at least 30 trees to commit for each neighborhood and you can check the current status online here. At the time of writing there were 16 signed up, so only another 14 people needed by the 16th May deadline. If you don’t want or can’t get a tree outside your house, you can actually donate one instead. FUF plans to plant trees on the 16th June and if you want to volunteer, you can join their team.

With all the improvements being planned in the neighborhood this is another great initative we can, as residents, be involved in. If you want more information you can contact our FUF representative Doug Lybeck at [email protected].

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  1. lmilvy

    Thanks for writing this for me Simon, who knows when I would have got around to it although it is very important to me. I would like to correct that we actually need 30 trees, not 25 for this to happen. So we need at least 14 more trees, not people. If your space allows, and you so desire, you can get more than one tree. If you are interested, I have been working with Doug Lybeck of FUF to organize this and he can be reached at [email protected]. Let’s make our streets beautiful, safer and bring up our property values – all attributes that trees ad, along with making it a healthier environment.

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