Mar 21

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Redistricting Task Force

Right before I start this, I want to state that this blog will have many opinions expressed by its contributors. But when it comes to politics we are going to sit in the middle. We’ll try and walk that fine line and feel free to call us out when we veer too far left or right. With that said…

Proposed map of San Francisco districts

Proposed map of San Francisco districts

Should we be in District 10 or 9? Split between the two? Or pack up the bags and migrate the entire ‘hood over to 11? There seems to be a lot of discussion around the current efforts of the Redistricting Task Force (RDTF)¬†whose job it is to redefine the districts of our city. The map to the left shows the current state of the proposed districts with the Portola in District 9 with the Mission and Bernal Heights.

I think the RDTF describe the process in the best manner;

What is redistricting? Every ten years, the Federal Government conducts a census to determine the number of individuals living in the United States. After the census is completed, the Charter requires the Director of Elections to determine whether the existing supervisorial districts meet the legal requirements established by federal, state and local law. If the existing supervisorial districts no longer comply with these legal requirements, the Charter requires the Board of Supervisors to convene an Elections Task Force to redraw the supervisorial district lines. The process of redrawing the supervisorial district lines is known as redistricting. The Director of Elections has not yet made this determination (as of March 28, 2011), but in the event that he finds that the districts must be redrawn and if the Board of Supervisors convenes a task force, the Elections Commission wants to find outstanding candidates as quickly as possible.

There have been pros and cons raised either way and we don’t want to step into the heated debates. What we do want however is to ensure people know they have a voice and unfortunately your chances to speak that voice are becoming rare. So if you feel strongly either way, you’ve got some chances to inform the city’s elected at the following March meetings.


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