Mar 20

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Who do you call when you don’t know who to call? 311

On your morning walk with the dog in McLaren Park, you see a pile of construction waste on the side of the road on John Shelley Drive. You met a city employee at a recent public comment meeting and she told you to call her if you had any additional questions. You remember her name, but you didn’t get  her card. A pothole appeared overnight in front of your neighbor’s house. Your waiting, waiting for a bus and need to know how much longer it will be. Who can help? 311.

311 has to act upon your report, depending on the classification of the problem in a timely manner from 12 hours to 3 days. It works! Call and give it a try. MUNI related calls are answered in real time. There no longer a reason to not call a city agency when it is so easy. You can help keep The Portola clean by calling every time you see a mattress on the street or graffiti in the park.

The City instituted the 311 service in December of 2008 under then Mayor Gavin Newsom (see video below). The service gives a one-stop-shop to San Francisco residents to report problems or find out information about city services, departments and how to contact employees. Before 311, you had to know which department to call for illegal dumping and which department to call for street repair. Now, you can report problems that need correction and the operator will take the location information and tell you when the problem will be corrected and give you a report number so that you have a reference if you need to call back about the problem. You can log a report anonymously, if you wish. You can also log a report on their website: www.sf311.org, on twitter or Facebook.

If 311 can’t handle the problem at hand, they will connect you with the responsible department. So please call 311 to help keep The Portola clean and to make sure we are getting our share of city services. The Portola Neighborhood Association is working to get a 311 representative to speak at a community meeting in July to explain how we can make the most of this highly effective city service.

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  1. Carlin

    Neighbors — if you want to help out with keeping our parks well maintained, it’s also super easy to submit an “observation” report using ParkScan, at , an online interface for letting the staff of Park & Rec know that something is in need of their attention. The data collected by Park Scan is sent directly to the city’s work order system (311) and is also used by the SF Parks Alliance and city gov to project and distribute park funding! Dialing 311 of course also works for park related issues.

    Also, if you have a non emergency police matter, you can call SFPD dispatcher at 553-0123. I keep this one programmed on my cell phone.

  2. Carlin

    here is the link to parkscan. http://www.parkscan.org/send-observation?parkId=183

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