May 04

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CAT stuck in basement of Palega Park

Getting this CAT out of a tough spot will require a little more than a few hisses and temptations of catnip. This afternoon, while working on clearing the area around the basement of the Palega Park recreation center, one of the CAT excavators became stuck. The ground underneath the machine, which had held up fine for days, decided to give way. Luckily nobody was hurt and there was no damage to either the building or the vehicle.

I’ve been hassling the project managers at the site to let me get inside the fence to take photos. Now I know why they want me to stay clear. I certainly don’t want to be near one of those things when it slips.

The work underway here is the total refitting of the basement. The old boiler has been pulled out and the entire building is to be supported while they gut the basement. In just a month they have done an amazing amount of work. Soon the inside of the building will be free of traces of lead and asbestos and work will start on building out the new floor plan.

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  1. vinse

    Awesome update! Keep ’em coming!!!!

  2. mhamilt

    Thank you so much for creating a Portola blog. I’m loving it! 12 year resident on Hamilton Street. Enjoying your site very much.

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