May 30

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Portola teacher, Ms. Yuliana Yee, receives award

We have just learned of some great news from one of the schools in the Portola. Ms. Yuliana Yee, a high school math teacher at the Cornerstone Academy, has been given the Herbst Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence. Ms Yee teaches geometry through AP Calculus. In her first year of teaching AP Calc last year, all of her students scored 4 or 5 on the exam. Ms Yee gets a a non-taxable, unrestricted grant of $5,000 and the school also gets a general contribution of $5,000 to be used to pursue its continuing education goals.


Ms. Yuliana Yee receiving her award

Ms. Yuliana Yee receiving her award

The award is intended to identify and reward a teacher at the school who that year most reflects the following core teaching values:
  1. Engages students in critical and creative thinking.
  2. Inspires the joy of learning resulting in a break through to higher levels of academic achievement.
  3. Challenges and inspires students to do their best work and to achieve more than what might be expected.
  4. Exhibits high personal and professional standards and professional development.

The Herbst Foundation, Inc., organized by Maurice and Herman Herbst and funded solely from their estates, commenced paying charitable grants in 1974. It has a primary focus on so-called “bricks and mortar” contributions to a wide variety of San Francisco based recipients, including schools, hospitals, museums, and other public facilities. It broadened its focus in 2002 when it initiated the Award for Teaching Excellence, while continuing to provide significant grants for the acquisition, construction and/or remodeling projects associated primarily with non-profit organizations located in San Francisco.

Well done Ms Yee and Cornerstone Academy. There is a lot of great activity from the schools in the Portola and the Planet hopes to bring you more over the coming months.

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