Jun 28

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Palega Recreaction Center Floats In The Air!

Work continues at the Palega Playground and Recreation Center. The project is estimated for completion around March 2013. The past month has seen a monumental challenge to the renovation of the main recreation center building. It is getting a brand new basement, heating system and sports floor. The upgrades however required that the existing basement be gutted and even called for new foundations. Getting the heavy machinery required for this work inside the building through the regular, human sized doors would be impossible. The solution?

Suspend one-quarter of the entire building on blocks of wood, Jenga style. Then dig out the basement from underneath. The result is amazing. A large portion of the building is hanging in mid-air, supported by large I-beams, which are then straddling towers of crossed wooden blocks. This technique, described to me by the on site architects, is called “shoring“. They’ve been monitoring the structure from strategic places in the building as the work took place. It’s gone so well, they barely seen movement. In fact they measured less than 1/4 inch across the whole building!

Next work to take place will be the creation of the new soccer, baseball, softball and lacrosse fields. So be warned gophers, your eviction notice is soon to expire!

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