Aug 20

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Huge progress at Palega recreation center

Here is your regular update on the $20 millon dollar project renovating the park and recreation center in the middle of the Portola. The Planet took a walk down to the onsite offices and did the usual pleading and begging to get a peak inside the building. To our surprise, a hard hat was slapped on our head and we were led quickly off for a tour of the work so far. The excuse to let us? Well everyone WAS on their lunch break 🙂

As we walked inside the recreation center, we were met with an amazing view of change. They have totally rebuilt the foundations in certain places, all the insides have been mostly stripped and they are about to start bringing in some large steel work to provide extra support to the building. From the photo below you can see how the front of the building has been opened up and they are now pouring new concrete foundations. The photo also shows the area, underneath the metal girders, where the new floor is going to extend over the top of this new foundation.

New foundation as seen from the inside at Palega recreation center

New foundation as seen from the inside at Palega recreation center

New foundations for the Palega recreation center

New foundations for the Palega recreation center

On the outside the new roof is nearly ready to be put on. There is a large collection of pallets sat outside which contain a roofing system that allows for efficient ventilation of the property. These will be lifted into place over the coming weeks, so expect to see a large crane in action. The building is also going to have a big new addition on the side. A new extension of the side, built from steel and glass, is currently being fabricated offsite. The foundations are also nearly in place (see right) and again within a few weeks we will see the new shape take place.

Finally they are about to start grading the land to create the new baseball, softball and soccer fields. There are going to be two main leves with a drop inbetween that will be perfect for kids to glide their bikes down. At the home of the Portola Planet, we can’t wait. This is going to be such an excellent place for all the kids to come and play.

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  1. Carlin

    think of the alternative energy kilowatts that could be produced with a solar roofing system that large — in the middle of one of the more sunshine drenched hoods of SF. (according to the sf solar map )

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