Sep 28

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Mysterious fungi in the Portola

We received an email this week from one of our readers who has recently laid new lawn and found that an abundance of mushrooms started to grow. The email went onto describe that…

… Since the new grass was put down, we saw many mushrooms starting to pop up. It was great to see, but we have children and are concerned that these mushrooms might be poisonous. Do you know of anyone in the neighborhood that can identify these? We’ve attached a few photos for you to look at. Your help would be much appreciated…

Anyone know if these are good to eat?

Anyone know if these are good to eat?

After a quick Q&A with the Portola Planet staff (my wife, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old) we soon realized our knowledge of mushrooms was poor. The photos seem to show two very different types of mushroom and they look a little bit like the ones you might see in a collection of shiitake mushrooms. But we certainly don’t want to be giving out advice.

A search of the internet reveals that San Francisco has its own Mycological Society and they meet every third Tuesday of the month at the Randall Museum. So this might be a good chance for our reader to take along their samples.

However the Portola is well known for its green fingered residents. So we are reaching out to the neighborhood to see if we have a fungi expert among us. Anyone able to provide our reader with some advice? If so, please contact us or leave some information in the comments below.

In the meantime, I think it goes without saying. Do NOT eat any mushrooms you find either in your garden, or on a walk in the park, without expert advice.

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