Nov 21

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Changing Seasons in McLaren Park

Wow, November is the month of neighborhood contributors to the Portola Planet. Stuart Gaffney has just sent us a superb write up of the changing of the seasons in McLaren Park. He even whipped out his camera for some snaps. Thanks Stuart!

In the summer, we love walking in McLaren Park to enjoy the green open spaces, often dotted with flowers. Sometimes the wildflowers almost seem to take over the meadows. At other times, we are grateful for the planters of flowers, like the many colors of foxglove at the beautifully renovated Gambier Plaza.

As the seasons change, we find different sights and sounds on our walks in the park. A fallen tree branch covered with lichen, moss growing on a resting pine cone — these are the signs that fall is here, getting ready to give way to winter.

Do you like to explore McLaren Park? What have you discovered there recently?

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  1. Lenny Kovlak

    I refer to it as “green day”. Every year, a week or so after it starts raining, one day the wild is brown, next day green!!!!!!!!!

  2. Om

    Lenny, I like your description — and after a week of rain it’s a very “Green Day” in McLaren Park!

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