Sep 23

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Portola winds damage new art installation

RepairingTheArtIt’s been less than a week since the wonderful new art installation was erected at Palega Park and the cruel San Francisco winds have already sent it back to Oakland for repairs. In the words of Blaine Merker, the artworks designer;

Zephyros’s upper fins were damaged in the high winds we had and we decided to remove the sculpture to the shop for a thorough check-up and overhaul to make sure that it will have a long and robust life in the park.

With innovative kinetic artwork, a lot of complex engineering and testing goes into making sure the piece works well. We had the…ahem, “blessing” of very high and erratic winds early on, which taught us some things the engineering hadn’t anticipated about the rivet connections used.

A hard lesson, but the good news is that we are mobilized to re-work the piece accordingly. We are happy to have the opportunity for this real world test it, and the artwork will come back safe and strong – ready for a long life at Palega.”

Hind winds indeed. The Portola is blessed with some great weather but, much like the rest of San Francisco, the morning and evening winds can really rip through. Good though that this issue was caught early. We don’t know how long it will take for the piece to return, but it has just arrived at their Oakland shop and Blaine and his engineer will be examining the piece soon to assess what work needs to be done. We of course at the Portola Planet will keep everyone up to date on progress.

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  1. susy

    thx for update, was wondering…glad it will be back

  2. VasiliP

    Does anyone know if this art installation will be brought back to the park?

  3. Elisa

    Hey, Simon, any word on the status of this? Do we neighbors need to start making some noise about getting our missing art installation back? 😉

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