Oct 17

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Friends of the Urban Forest Returns to Portola!

FUF-logoFriends of the Urban Forest has funding to subsidize 80% of the costs to plant trees and are planning a Community Planting Day for Portola early next year. You only need to pay $75 (versus the usual $135) and choose what species you want, then FUF will handle all of the prep work, provide the tree itself, and do three scheduled tree care visits over the first three years of the tree’s life to help it thrive!

I just contacted Phil Pierce from FUF and he is going to try and make it to one of our neighborhood association meetings to talk a little bot more about FUF and its services. If you are interested in planting a tree in front of your house, please go to


Download the forms, print them and scan them to Phil Pierce [email protected]. Please add a subject line “Tree Planting in Portola”. I think they need a total of 40 applicants for community planting, and I am pretty sure we can do better than that. We have our beautiful wide streets, now let’s line them up with green.

A few other details…

  • Folks need to fill out the forms so FUF can come do a site visit to see where trees can go
  • FUF covers all the logistics leading up to planting (utility checks, concrete removal, permits)
  • Pricing also includes: the tree, the planting, the stakes/cross braces to stabilize the tree and 3 follow-up tree pruning visits
  • FUF invoices for $75 bucks after determining that there is a tree location and talking about species with the homeowner/renter
  • Renters can plant trees, but they need to have the owner/agent/landlord sign off on the tree forms
  • FUF plants all the trees on one day with our experts and volunteers from the neighborhood, followed by potluck. Super fun event!

You can also print out the flyer below and share with your neighbors.


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  1. rupa

    If you need any firther information, please send me an email [email protected], or you can call Phil directly at 4152680773

  2. tom

    It’s a good intention. but from what i see on my street, it’s become dog’s toilet and a barrier/hazard whenever i have to load/unload my 2 year old into/from the parked car as the tree will usually be situated right next to the rear-right passager door.

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