Oct 12

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Glorious new artwork installed on Alemany Island


This morning I helped install many of the wonderful new painted panels along the entrance to San Bruno Avenue. These works of art were designed by Kate Connell and Oscar Melara. Volunteers from the Portola then spent many nights painting the pieces. This project has been led by Reanna Tong and after a lot of work waiting for Caltrans to install a new and sturdy fence on which the panels were to be hung, today was the day the public could see them.


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Each panel has some reference to the Portola and Kate tells me a lot of research went into the designs. In another article we’ll interview Kate and talk about it in more depth. However today we just want to show these wonderful pieces to you. The pictures are below, but the best way to view them is on a weekend, while walking to the Alemany Market.

Thanks to everyone who helped today. The team worked like a well oiled engine and all 38 panels were installed in just the morning. There are even more to come!

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  1. Vjaramillo

    Very beautiful panels. Epecially the sepia ones.

  2. Jaime

    Wow! It took forever to get this finally done. Good job honey, all your hard work paid off.

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