Oct 14

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Great website for getting to know your neighbors


Over the past year the Portola Planet has been using a great website which brings a new angle tying our real life communities with the community of the online, digital type. Nextdoor.com is a simple website. You sign up, tell it where you live and then post information that would be useful for other neighbors.

One thing the Planet found was that only until the last month or so, really useful information was being shared. This is likely that the amount of people using the site has now reached a point where a real sense of community has been formed and people are talking, and sharing.

So the Portola would highly recommend you head on over and sign up. Of course, the best way to know your neighbors is to get off the computer and get out to the many events in the Portola. But websites like this can be very useful to hear about things happening directly on your street.

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  1. Jeanne Crawford

    How does it compare with our wonderful Portola yahoo group, which is where I get lots of news of neighborhood happenings?

  2. admin

    The Yahoo group is excellent and i’m not sure if it’s a fair comparison. The Yahoo group currently has a lot more people from the Portola subscribed, but it’s quite a basic form of communication. Nextdoor seems to be adding a bit more functionality into the process of talking with your neighbor… so the Planet’s jury is out and we subscribe to both the Yahoo group and Nextdoor.

  3. jackportola

    Simon can you invite me to the ‘nextdoor’ group? I wonder if its worth asking someone from the app to come to a community meeting.

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