Oct 16

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We introduce new Portola resident and blogger to the Planet

My name is Rupa, my family of four just moved into the Portola and I thank my lucky stars every day to have found the perfect neighborhood in this perfect city to call my home. A few months back I did not even know such an awesome neighborhood existed. You Portolans have done a great job keeping this a secret!


The superb view from our new home in the Portola

In this really crazy real estate market (Have you guys recently looked at home prices in Bernal? Jeez!) we lost all hope that we would find a place to call home in San Francisco and was almost ready to cross the bridge. But lo and behold, we not only found a house but we also hit the jackpot.

Let me tell you why…

  • Wide streets – Bernal take note
  • Lots of sunshine – Glen Park and Miraloma take note (Mission, I know you have great weather – but do you have the city views that we have?)
  • McLaren Park – SF take note. We have a park that has maintained its original charm and we can find parking.
  • Palega Playground – This is the icing on the cake. As a mom of two boys, I simply cannot appreciate this enough.
  • Fresh n Easy: As a busy mother of two young boys. This is a fantastically easy peasy place to park and shop. I am done with you Safeway and your loooong lines 🙂
  • City views: Phenomenal views of the city. Every time I go to McLaren Park and look at the views, I have to pinch myself. The best of both worlds. I am surrounded by nature, but all it takes is a quick look up to see that I am a part of the world class city we call home!

Every which way you slice and dice our precious neighborhood, we come up positive. I am glad to be a part of this vibrant, beautiful and supremely wonderful place to raise my family! I look forward to exploring the neighborhood more in the coming months as I have also volunteered to be a co-editor of the Portola Planet. So keep those emails and pictures coming. We sure have a lot to brag about!

Now if we can have an ice cream shop and a yoga studio I think I will pretty much be in heaven! Anybody interested in starting these services in the San Bruno corridor?

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  1. Lantz Green

    Yes a good yoga studio would be great. Something like the donation based Yoga To The People but with Ashtanga type. Been looking.

  2. Lantz Green

    by the way everything you say about the Portola is so true…nature, park, climate etc etc shhhh..

  3. Michelle Gaggero-Chamorro

    I am from the Portola and miss how things use to be with the familiar deli, pastry shop, breakfast place, etc. After reading your post, I realized that the Portola does have a lot to offer!!! Thanks for reminding me.

    I would like to add that there are several empty
    store fronts on San Bruno Ave. I hope and pray that we get a yoga shop, an ice cream parlor, neighborhood diner, bakery, restaurants…much like Union St, Noe Valley, Marina and so many other neighborhoods in the City where property value is much higher!

  4. Sfhillrunner

    Excelsior Yoga on Mission Street is stellar! I know it’s not San Bruno Ave, but it’s worth checking out…..

  5. Tahirah

    There is a free community yoga on San Bruno Ave, they also group do meditation and give free nutrition classes. Will find out the name and repost.

  6. Laura

    There’s a good ice cream shop part of the Korean Bubble Tea place across from Walgreens on San Bruno. It’s actually pretty amazing stuff and my 6 year old loves to go there.

  7. denise debruin vigil

    thanks for your Fresh View of my neighborhood; its great to hear this beautiful vision, as complacency can set in !!!!!! ty
    denise on wayland!!!!

  8. Ruth Wallace

    Rupa, welcome to the Portola! I’m glad you are enjoying our little slice of heaven;) You missed a few features that you might enjoy exploring; The Portola Branch Library – just five years old, it was one of one four, from the ground up, new branch libraries. It has some fun kid’s programming and beautiful art glass panels by San Francisco artist, Dana Zed, and special exhibits. The Alemany Island Improvement Project and Snake Mural – No other place in SF has a 60 foot tall snake designed by and installed by the neighborhood, for the neighborhood. More than 200 volunteers worked/are working on beautifying the neighborhood by painting the art panels which are installed on the west side of SBA. Stand by for the installation of more on the east side of SBA. The Goettingen Neighborhood Garden – a NEN Award winner, this community project restored a trash-strewn hillside into a s beautiful view-stop and great path to climb. The Hills- San Francisco’s 9th (Holyoke at Karen) and 13th (Dwight between Goettingen and Hamilton) steepest hills are in the Portola. Dump the gym membership- walk! Alemany Farmer’s Market – one of the oldest n San Francisco, it is definitely among the most diverse and affordable in the City, The People- the is a friendly, neighborhoody, welcoming place. We’re glad to have you and I look forward to meeting you.

  9. Rupa

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!..I will definetly check out all the places that were suggested in the comments….I cant wait to visit the library and have some icecream in the Koream bubble tea place…followed by a good strech in the Excelsior yoga studio( or maybe I should reverse that..not sure if yoga after ice cream is a good idea!! 🙂

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