Oct 17

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New playground in McLaren Park


Last weekend saw the opening of the newly refurbished playground at the convergence of Burrows and Peru. It’s a fantastic new space, with all the modern traits of playgrounds today. Super bouncy and safe flooring, a great mix of climbing structures, swings and spinny things that make most adults violently ill but somehow 5 year olds can sit on for hours!

SONY DSCI was able to take our own family to the opening soon after the ceremony took place. The sun was shining and everyone was having a great time. It was so good to see other families out enjoying San Francisco’s second largest park.

A very proud Chuck Farrugia was also meandering around and I got a chance to speak with him. For those of you who don’t know Chuck, he is the very active voice of Help McLaren Park. A non-profit organization focused on improving the park. This playground improvement was something Chuck, his wife Trilce and others have been working on for many, many years to improve. Over $300,000 in grants were written and finally, after problems with the ADA compliant entrance, the playground was completed in the last few weeks.


Chuck Farrugia relaxing in the newly refurbished playground

We asked Chuck what he thought of the day, he told us that;

The day couldn’t have went much better. Great weather, great attendance, plenty of happy kids and smiling moms and dads. The playground may not be the nicest in town but it’s ours, meaning belonging to our community, and its brand new, clean and within walking distance for many of us. I’m super exited to make new connections there while enjoying a hot cup of coffee from 4 barrel while watching our kids be kids in the park I have loved all my life.

Design Meeting #1 (74)I was curious how long Chuck had been in the Portola, he said his whole life. When they were kids this playground was called “mini park” and he would hang out there with his pals. I asked if he had any photos of the park before the work was done, to the right is the best he could dig up.

You can clearly see the old style sand floor and a very unhappy looking broken swing in the background. Great work Chuck and everyone on improving our parks and to top off the whole event SF Parks made a nice little video of the opening day…

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