Oct 04

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University Mound Nursery is up for sale!

Image source copyright of Google Inc.

Image source copyright of Google Inc.

Catching up on news, the Planet reports that the last remnant of our neighborhood’s flower growing history is up for sale! Yours for only an eye watering $12 million or $325k a lot. Owned by the Garibaldi family since the 1920’s, it’s probably going to take 2-3 years for any developer to go through subdivision, planning and so on. One of our real estate experts, Helena Zaludova, thinks it might be a bit overpriced.

Many in the neighborhood have mixed views. Some love the rundown artist look and some cannot wait for this land to be reused. However, opinions are again split on its planned usage. With the cost of rent and property soaring in the city, many would welcome more housing. However the heritage of such a plot, causes many to desire the land be put to agricultural use, such as an urban farm of sorts.

For more information on the history of this plot of land, SF Curbed did a great article here.

Anyone got $12M they can donate to create a wonderful new attraction for our neighborhood?

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  1. SP

    I’d be thrilled if the development could support some neighborhood retail.

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