Nov 05

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Palega Recreation Center Opening Ceremony Update

PalegaOpeningFlyerTwo weeks left! Saturday 16th November and we will finally have our wonderful park and recreation center back in the hands of our local citizens. The Portola Planet HQ was host this weekend to a meeting of the Parks and Rec public relations team, the staff people who will be running the new center, the Portola Neighborhood Association and the newly formed Community Recreation Council who are working with the Parks and Rec department to address the needs and concerns of the neighborhood in relation to the park.

The meeting discussed the agenda for the opening ceremony, who’s going to be there, what activities will be planned. Parks and Rec told us they will have demonstrations of the basketball, martial arts and other sporting programs they intend to run at the center. There is also going to be music and we are hoping that a local breakdance group will be putting on a show.

The whole event is going to kick off at 11am and the organized activities will run through to 1pm. However the park will remain open till at least 4pm to let people have fun exploring all the new areas. So please, tell your neighbors and turn up on Saturday. The Planet will be there kicking some soccer balls around with our younger members of staff!

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The meeting ended with a tour around the new center, and boy does it look fantastic. We spoke to Dwayne Watts, the manager of the center, and he commented how much more light was in the center and how less depressing it looks. The interior was so worn and old before, the new gym floor and the fresh paint all over has brought a wonderful new positive air.

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  1. John

    I’ll be there and will be taking my nephew and niece to test out the “playground”. I’m curious as to how much went into this project and who designed it. The playground looks completely lacking.

    Really not a fan of these new playgrounds and rec centers – playgrounds look like giant k’nex contraptions housed inside a correctional facility. (I went to one in the sunset with massive black fencing and a huge, heavy gate. I’ll have to check out the one at the chinese recreation center as well.)

    I’ll make final judgement based on whether the kids love it and if kids continue to come play. A lot of young kids went to the old one.

  2. chris montgomery

    I am also curious as to who designed the Playground. It looks dismissal, uninviting and certainly bare minimun was installed. 2 climbing structure and one baby horse. Really!? There is nothing for kids to do except climb the very small rope course or have an adult splin them around. What were they thinking?! A beauty renovation to be used for elder Tai Chi user, only? What about the kids? It’s a glaring error in the this project.

  3. VasiliP

    I understand your concern, however, let’s be grateful that this park for years was in utterly neglect and is now one of the nicest parks I have seen in the Bay Area.

  4. Joey

    The small playground is a joke. The picnic tables are so close together that it is going to be a hazard for kids running around them. the veggi beds probably go to waste and become an eyesore due to garbage and weeds. The park could have so much potential… Wonder how long would it take for the green lawns to deteriate due to bad mangement and negligence like it was before. Guess i will bring my 3 years old back to st mary. So disappointed..

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