Nov 25

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Prime resturant space in the Portola opens up! (Old Breakfast at Tiffany’s space)


A month ago we reported the 35 year old Portola business, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, had closed due to the sad passing of owner and head chef Gerald Adan. The owner of the building, which also houses a dental practice on the floor above, has decided to sell.

In the heart of San Bruno Ave. corridor with concentration of shops, markets, bakeries, fruit stands, restaurants and banks. This Portola district’s select neighborhood destination includes easy access to highway #101 and #280, Silver Ave., Alemany Blvd. with high corner visibility. Offered at $895,000.

Many of us in the neighborhood would love a wonderful new restaurant to open in the previous space occupied by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With around 1,800 square feet to play with and an already warm and traditional feel to the inside, this has a lot of potential. We are told it’s going to be well sought after and with Four Barrel doing well in it’s new location, who knows what will be opening on San Bruno Ave in 2014? What are your thoughts fellow Portolans? What would you like to see occupy this 2499 San Bruno Ave?

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  1. Rob Foley

    May sound odd given Starbucks now own them, but wouldn’t mind to see a La Boulange going in there – something casual with good lunch options, pastries and coffee. Four Barrel coffee is just too intense for my liking!

  2. denise debruin vigil

    how bout a ‘Pasta Pomodoro’ to really spruce Up the Neighborhood.. I think they would actually do well; They are priced very well & affordable :& it would help Gentrify the Commercial Neighborhood..

  3. molamola

    Mom and pop Italian food or Spanish tapas
    (Nothing too comercial) keep it quaint and casual comfort food

  4. Rich (@WrEtcH_)

    Super Duper, but it might be small for them. While I love Asian food, I hope not another one pops up. There are a lot of ’em on San Bruno Ave. I think it’s cool when you have some variety like Queen’s Louisiana, Cinco De Mayo and Four Barrel to go along with Hawaii Drive Inn, Cali-Pho-nia and Fancy Wheatfield Bakery.

  5. Josie

    Would love to see a coffee shop again. Not a “coffee shop” like starbucks and all those but a restaurant like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or our so missed, Ave Sweet Shop or who remembers Sparta’s resturant. Somewhere to go get a good hamburger or American Food. So agree with Rich. Chinese food is good but we have way too many. I always wonder how they can all stay in business for so long.

  6. t

    a business owned by people of color only, and in 2014 I hope white people stop having the great idea of moving into el barrio



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