Nov 04

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DPW wants to help bring sidewalk landscaping to the Portola

The Portola Garden Tour is an annual event in our neighborhood that show cases some of the wonderful private and public gardens that exist in our neighborhood. Take a look at the beautiful pictures the Planet captured from this years event. Inspired by some of these gardens, the HQ for the Planet decided to improve the garden space that existed at the front of our property and in doing some research we stumbled upon a really great city project to bring garden landscapes to the sidewalks of San Francisco.

The idea is that the city helps people through the permit process, the creating and maintaining of simple sidewalk gardens. The benefits are improved aesthetic to our city and also it aids with the ongoing challenge of diverting storm water away from our aging sewer system. If any neighborhood in the city should have well landscaped sidewalks, it’s the one with a history of gardening like ours. We contacted DPW for more information and found that a great example of this project, over in Noe Valley, was actually installed and is maintained by one of our own Portolans, Rae Van Heirseele. You can see pictures of her creation below.


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The San Francisco School in the Portola have also demonstrated this program can have some superb results. Just look at the attractive results along the front of their school.


Image copyright Google Maps/Street View

There are also 5 really good videos on YouTube which we’ve embedded for you below to view. We think this is an excellent idea and it would be great to see our green fingered neighbors to┬áspill their talents onto the street. You can find more about the program at the DPW website.

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  1. Elisa Laird-Metke

    To add to this, there’s also a tree-planting effort moving forward in the Portola through Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), in case you want to include a tree in your sidewalk garden! The cost is $75 and includes the cement removal in front of your house, the tree (you get to choose the variety!), planting, and 3 years of tree maintenance–an unbeatable deal! And you can make the sidewalk opening around your tree large enough to include flowers or other landscaping, too. When FUF did a tree planting here 3 years ago, we got two trees in front of our house, and now have lots of flowers planted around them, too! I’m so excited to see neighbors also greening the fronts of their houses!

  2. Lionel Rodricks

    Good videos , something new to learn actually! I would personally love to add some more!

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