Dec 30

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Portola in the finals for the SF Curbed Cup!


Game on! The Portola is in the final of the Curbed SF neighborhood of the year competition. In round one we easily defeated North Beach and then the Lower Haight in round 2. Amazingly we squeaked past our district 9 neighbors, Bernal Heights (and Bernalwood was lacking a post, we can only assume Todd was on vacation!) to move into the finals.

So the Planet would like to ask all our Portolan citizens to head over to SF Curbed and vote for their wonderful ‘hood. Such a worthy trophy is sure to bring much needed funding into our neighborhood which will result in a brand new commercial corridor, a new BART station, a theme park in McLaren park and of course three or four more Four Barrell coffee shops sprinkled across our fair land. But in all seriousness, this is just a bit of fun and if anything proves that many Portola residents are online and focused on making people aware that we are on the map.

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