Jul 29

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Bernie Sanders Rally Tonight in McLaren Park


For the Bernie Sanders fans and those interested to learn more about his Presidential Campaign, there will be a rally tonight at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater from 7pm-8pm.  Here are some details from the website:


McLaren Park/ Jerry Garcia Amphitheater/ Southeastern quadrant patriots purpose is to create further interest and momentum for THEE candidate who doesn’t represent more of the same ol same ol, to discuss & commiserate on topics in common concerning the direction in which the country seems headed, and why it is so important to look for new, real leadership , not platitudes. Last but certainly not least, this will be your opportunity to become a “Volunteer for Amerika” and contribute towards the field campaign. Information will be made available pertaining to bumper stikers and lawn signs, etc.
More information about the event can be found here: Bernie Sanders for President

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