Jul 19

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Easy way to be informed of street construction projects in the Portola

Are you sick of the construction going on down Silver Ave over the past year? Wish you knew when the city was going to be repaving the street outside your house? Well, wait no longer. The city has a website where you can view all existing and up coming construction projects for the next 6 months.

Head over to¬†https://envista-citizensview.appspot.com/sanfran.jsp and put in your zip code. Then you can click on the colorful lines on the map and see the detail on the projects. It’s not 100% accurate, for example the date for the completion of the work on Silver Ave shows 25th May, which we all know wasn’t met. However it does give a contact name, which when clicked, allows you to send an email directly to the person responsible and ask them when they expect the work to finally complete.


But before you fire off a round of emails, Silver Ave repaving is expected to be completed around the end of Aug.

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