Jul 20

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Answering Simon’s Call

Putting our mark on the neighborhood.

Putting our mark on the neighborhood.

Hello Planet Readers,

Simon’s request for assistance with the Planet has been answered, I’ve decided to dust off the keyboard and toss my well worn wig into the ring.  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alex Hobbs, I’m a six year San Francisco resident, spending most of that time living in the Castro/Mission part of town. Noticing the window of home ownership slipping away, my partner Jonathan and I purchased our first place together last year here in the Portola. While researching potentially new areas to call home, the Planet was a valuable resource for our Portola education as it showed us how much community involvement and activity was actually happening behind the scenes here.

Since moving in we have been so pleased to discover that the Portola is a truly unique little village of a neighborhood, tucked into a sunny and more relaxing corner of this amazing city. It’s impressive to see how much pride and involvement there is here and I would like to continue to build on that through this resource.

Working together, Simon and I will continue to connect and inform everyone in and around the Portola with every juicy bit of information we can report on so that we can do our part in continuing to make this community flourish.

With that introduction out of the way I must get to work, Simon is already leading me 4-0 on posts this month!



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  1. Simon

    Alex! So happy to have you helping out our neighborhood blog. I am positive we’ll be seeing plenty of insightful stuff from you and thankyou, so, so much for helping out. The true desire of building a wonderful global voice for the Portola can now take shape 😀



  2. Maryanne

    Hi Alex,

    It’s exciting to meet you and Jonathan and welcome to our neighborhood!! The weather is great, the community spirit is lively, as well. All best wishes for happiness in your new home. I hope we get the opportunity to meet someday.

    Cheers for now,


  3. Denise

    Hi Alex<3
    I am So happy you are here! I can feel by your style of writing you bring a fresh attitude; w Hugh promise for connectivity in out neighborhood ~ So looking forward!
    & hope we are able to meet someday soon.

    Truthfully I haven't been getting any posts from the Portola Planet for a while. Has it been out of comission?
    Denise on Wayland street

  4. Simon

    Denise. The Planet has been in hibernation due to busy family and work commitments. But Alex reached out to help and that gave me some new inspiration to engage with the blog. Onwards and upwards!

  5. cindy

    Thank you Alex for stepping up and rising to support the blog; Welcome to the neighborhood! Simon thank you for pioneering the Planet and holding down the fort on your own for so long. Thanks for your contributions Simon and Alex, it takes a village! I look forward to reading more and connecting.

    Cindy at Brussels

  6. Alex

    Thank you for all the words of support! Simon and I are really excited about our plans for the Planet, there will be a lot more activity here in the coming months!

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