Sep 14

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Goettingen St. (and beyond) Neighbors Beautifying the Portola

Merry gang of gardeners

Merry gang of gardeners

Gardeners all over the neighborhood are scrambling with last minute weeding, mulching and planting in preparation for the upcoming 9th annual Portola Garden Tour. The neighbors of the G.N.G (Goettigen Neighbors Group) are no exception as they spent Saturday together sprucing up the Goettingen Street staircase. Work began very early (10 a.m.) with some light sweeping and continued into early evening with weeding, trash collecting, planting and heavy lifting of newly donated slate flag stones.

All smiles

Pulling weeds and still smiling

Doing the dirty work, trash dean up.

Doing the dirty work, trash clean up.


“stop chit-chatting and look like you are working”

Crocodile Dundee came to lend a hand.

Crocodile Dundee even came to lend a hand.


The G.N.G. was formed almost a decade ago by neighbors on the 700 block of Goettingen St.  The group organized in response to the blighted hillside that was nothing more than a mud slide and dumping ground at the time. The neighbors have transformed the once barren hillside into a thriving garden and the G.N.G. has grown to include members from as far off as Hamilton & Colby Streets. In addition to regular hillside maintenance, the G.N.G. is currently fundraising and working with local artist Phillip Hua to create an art installation to further beautify and activate this once forgotten space.  If you would like to learn more or help with future efforts, you can visit their Facebook group here.

The staircase before the G.N.G.

The staircase before the G.N.G.

The staircase Saturday

The staircase today

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