Sep 09

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Hateful graffiti brings the community closer together

Well this just happened ūüôĀ Which makes us all feel very sad.


BUT then this happened.. Which makes us all proud the Portola community is so strong.


I’m pretty sure the disgusting individual/s who wrote¬†these messages do not¬†read the Portola Planet, irregardless, we’d like to inform the person/s their actions will not be tolerated. It’s totally unacceptable and the police have opened an investigation treating this as a hate crime.

Although, we at the Planet were wondering, maybe the person/s writing these statements are¬†simply trying to maintain our wonderful diverse balance of cultures in the Portola. Maybe they think we have met the neighborhood¬†Chinese quota and we might be seeing some “Welcome Syrian Migrants!” graffiti over the coming weeks?

Anyway, whatever the intent, it’s not going to work. San Francisco is a city of enormous diversity in every direction. Painting a stupid slogan on a few walls is only going to result in police arrests and will only spur Portolans on further to bridge the gap between our cultures.

In response to all of this, there is a community meeting taking place this¬†Thursday evening at 6pm at the Palega Park. Chris Waddling from the Portola Neighborhood Association also had this to say…

This past weekend saw some heinous graffiti scrawled on homes and businesses throughout our community. The Board of the Portola Neighborhood Association condemns these acts, and we join everyone in the neighborhood who is glad to see that ‚Ä™Captain Vaswani and the SFPD Bayview‚Ĩ station are treating them as hate crimes. While the acts themselves were horribly offensive to us all, there is always hope that through adversity caused by a few misanthropes, we can seek common ground with our neighbors and come together as a community over this. I’m happy to see that we’re already seeing this positivity play out on social media and on the streets of our “small town”.

As a community, we’re grateful to the ‚Ä™SF Public Works‚Ĩ for responding so quickly to 311 calls to remove the graffiti. Thanks also go out to D9 Supervisor David Campos and Hillary Ronen for their support and hard work to organize a coordinated response from the community’s many organizations and associations, including the PNA. There will be a rally at Palega on Thursday evening.

The Planet will be at the meeting and please knock on your neighbor’s door and invite them as well. Let’s use this incident as an excuse to meet more of each other continue the forming of strong bonds in our community.

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