Oct 10

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San Bruno Ave. Brewery Update


Sounds like I’m not the only Portolan jonesing for – I mean patiently awaiting, the arrival of San Bruno Ave’s first brewery.  Over the past week we have received several emails enquiring about the status of F.D.R. on S.B.A.  After several months of little activity, a post appeared on Ferment Drink Repeat’s Facebook page like a light ashore on a dark and stormy night for Portola’s microbrew aficionados.  The bad news is that it’s taken the start up business longer than the proprietors had originally intended but the good news is that they are committed and cleared a major hurdle last week.  I reached out to the owners and immediately received this reply:

Hey Alexander – thanks for the note and for following our progress. We are very excited to have received the approval letter for our loan – a critical step we needed to get the funding in place to actually build the brewery. As for the start of construction, after 16 months of working to get building permits and our funding in place (which is about 12 months longer than we had hoped for), I’ve grown a bit hesitant about stating a specific timeline. With that said, we should now be on track to start construction before the end of the year. As for opening date, I’m not going to hazard a guess based on (1) not yet having a firm start date for construction, and (2) in spite of the best of intentions, projects seem to have a habit of falling behind schedule, so I don’t want to guess on an opening date until we have construction under way and can better gauge how well we are sticking to the build schedule. So, in a nutshell – we are still committed to getting the brewery open, we are still excited to be bringing it to the Portola neighborhood, and we now finally have the pieces in place that can make this become reality. We appreciate the community’s support and enthusiasm and can’t wait to bring FDR to life!

So there you have it, it’s still happening and we all have plenty of time to pick out our outfits and find a babysitter for the opening party, it’s going to be nuts.

Sweet deliciousness

Sweet deliciousness



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  1. Pat C.

    This is great news, as nothing has changed at the store front. Maybe a sign that says something, anything, placed in the window would help to let others know things are still coming along? Thanks for the update!

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