Nov 08

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Porticulture: Greening St. Elizabeth Church

“Porticulture”, the art of garden cultivation and management in the Portola District.

Porticulturalists planting trees on Wayland St.

Porticulturalists planting trees on Wayland St.

Portola got a little less concrete-y yesterday with a little help from a new neighbor and our newest “Porticulturalist”.  Ken Ogle relocated from Corona Heights several months ago to the great unknown of   S/E S.F. and he was immediately smitten with our little neighborhood.

I am really finding this to be an exceptional neighborhood and I want to participate in making this the most livable neighborhood in SF.


Ken put his time where his mouth is and spent the last several weeks spearheading a project to plant 12 new trees around the formerly empty sidewalks of St. Elizabeth’s Church.  The Church has wanted trees for years but lacked the funding to cover the purchase from F.U.F.  With the help of neighbors, Ken rallied financial and tree planting support from residents around the church, members of the congregation and the parents and teachers of the neighboring Alta Vista School.

Wayland St. has been transformed

Wayland St. has been transformed with a little help from our Friends of the Urban Forest.

Unhindered from the lack of overhead power lines, St. Elizabeths requested large trees with a variety of fall color.  The church’s frontages on Somerset, Wayland and Goettingen are now lined with Brisbane Box, Ginkos and Chinese Maples.  To show their appreciation, the congregation hosted  a delicious potluck for all the volunteers after the planting.

Brisbane Boxes flanking the  Church's main entrance on Somerset.

Brisbane Boxes flanking the Church’s main entrance on Somerset.

Ken and the coalition of dedicated “Porticulturalists” have plans to continue the greening of the Portola by partnering with FUF to help transform other streets with sidewalk gardens and trees.  If you would like to plant a tree in front of your house, FUF can help at the low low cost of only $75 a tree.  This includes all permitting, planting, the tree itself and 18 months of maintenance. You can learn more here.



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  1. Laura Milvy

    Yea. Ken Ogle. When I first moved here, I tried my damndest to get people to plant trees. I was only able to get two neighbors on my block and a few others on other blocks to participate. Recently, I potted some lillies and put infront of the houses that didn’t plant trees but they disappeared. Please contact me as the lack of greenery, is one pf the things I do not like about the hood. An other is no Bart and the rest, I’ll keep to myself.

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