Nov 21

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Portography: San Bruno Noir

Every time I see an article or reference to the Portola on the internet, there is usually some crap photo of the neighborhood that someone took from a passing car on 280.  In response to this injustice to the community, I’m starting an internet campaign to blast images into the net and share what I think is so uniquely San Francisco and strangely attractive about this part of the city.


San Bruno in the fog.

San Bruno Noir, winter is coming.

So with this image I took of San Bruno Ave. in the fog the other night, I’m officially kicking off a recurring section called “Portography”.   If you have some great images or artwork of the neighborhood to share with the World Wide Web, please send it over to me at [email protected].

PS – Thanks for the name idea Bill and big thanks for talking me out of “Portola Porn”.  That might not have gone over so well.

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  1. Maryanne Razzo

    This is a wonderful idea!

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