Jan 16

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Updated: Photos from opening of new Portola art studio

Update: Due to me rushing around over the weekend, I totally forgot to add in links to both Arthur and Lisa’s websites! Here they are.

http://www.frameartstudio.com/ and http://www.arthurkoch.com/

We just got home after a fun few minutes spent at the new art studio at 150 Silliman St. The place was pretty busy when we arrived with probably the most awesome face painting i’ve ever seen. This wasn’t your average children’s party face painting. The artist is Mandy Rita Tardif, you can see some of her amazing work here.IMG_1700
As usual I had both my young boys with me, and they were instantly drawn to the work of Jon Hwong. Jon is the feature artist currently displaying in the space and two of his pieces were purchased within minutes of us walking in. You can see more of Jon’s work at his website, http://jonhw.format.com/


I also got a chance to briefly meet with Lisa and Arthur who described how the space will be used. There will be art classes, photography sessions, featured artists and they will also be offering framing services. It was a great opening and we look forward to seeing their space grow.


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  1. arthurkoch2015

    Thanks so much for stopping by and posting this great article!

  2. Jon HW

    Thanks for the kind words! cheers see you guys in the hood

  3. Lisa Magruder

    Simon, thank you! It was great to meet you and your family! Thanks for coming!

  4. Terisa Chevreaux-Pittaway

    Great article! Makes me even more disappointed that I wasn’t able to drive down and attend because it looks like the grand opening was a lot of fun. I love that Simon included links to a couple of the artists that were at your grand opening but I’m wondering why he didn’t include any links to your professional web pages? http://www.arthurkoch.com/ or http://www.frameartstudio.com/Home_Page.php

  5. Hilda Baucom

    Is the painting on right end for sale?? the reddish one!!

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