Feb 05

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Portola Co-Stars in Commercial

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Hot off the heels of our first reality TV appearance, the Portola is being showcased in a new car commercial.  Honda released a new campaign profiling their customer’s and their love for their cars.  Our neighbor and an E.R. Taylor Elementary School Teacher, Indira, appeared with her “Opal Sage” C-RV in this spot.  No mention of its resistance to break-ins but it’s good on gas and can haul a lot of scented markers and construction paper.   There are some lovely B-roll shots of her cruising down our neighborhood streets and it’s a nice little glimpse into the life of another Portolan making a positive difference.

Thanks to Dennis on Nextdoor for the tip.

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  1. Vince

    Very cool. It’s great that our district is being showcased but I feel that the only part of our district that people are bring up is the one one the right side of Silver Ave. The side near McClaren Park. Even with the San Bruno beautification. It’s only on that side of the district. Streets like Hale, Sweeny, and Gaven of kind of being left out and we are part of the district. Not as pretty but part of Portola.

    1. Alex Hobbs

      Hi Vince, thank you for your comment. I agree with your sentiment and we do have some upcoming posts highlighting some of the great work the San Francisco School has been doing in the community as well as an exciting new Mural coming to Silver Ave. If you hear or see anything of interest happening in that area of the neighborhood, please give us a heads up, we would be happy to post.

      I’ll also say that I think the North side of Silver is quite pretty, the views are phenomenal and there are a lot of pretty streets, especially in the quaint housing development near University and Silver. The first picture in this post of the car driving up the hill was shot on the North side of Silver and the view is pretty great.

      I also agree that the stretch of San Bruno between Silliman up to Alemany is an issue. The Portola Neighborhood Association has been discussing how to address this area as it’s really the Northern gateway into the community. Currently, the PNA has successfully lobbied the city to study a direct pedestrian and bike connection through the Maze between San Bruno and the Farmer’s Market which I think will bring more attention to this area. We are also planning a big planting date around the Snake Mural to help further beautify that area as well. We have some more ideas for this area but it all takes time and the help of committed volunteers. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in the efforts to beautify San Bruno north of Silver, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

      Thanks again for reading!


  2. Vince

    Great to hear. Thanks for responding. I totally agree on the mural concept. I like the one close to the San Francisco school. Something like that would be great along the freeway wall on San Bruno Ave. That would help with the constant tagging that goes on there. Another opportunity would be on the over pass column casing at the corner of Gaven and San Bruno Ave. which typically gets tagged also. Since you mentioned the island with the plantings I wonder if the city would consider extending that island along San Bruno Ave. and adding some drought resistant plantings. Would make a big difference.

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