May 11

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Plant A Tree & Tell City Hall To Maintain It!

Listen to the Lorax

Listen to the Lorax

If you would like to help add a little much-needed greenery to the Portola, Friends of the Urban Forest will be planting trees in the neighborhood on June 25th.  The cost is highly subsidized for our neighborhood at only $75 per tree which includes everything from the permits, concrete removal, the tree and several years of pruning.   Act quickly though, the forms are due in two week on Tuesday May 24th (date extended).  You can sign up easily & learn more on the F.U.F. website and no payment is due until after the tree has been planted:  SIGN UP & LEARN MORE. Kyle at F.U.F. is available to answer any questions, he can be reached at [email protected] or (415)-268-0788.  If you don’t make this planting, please still sign up and wait for the next.  The more sign ups they get, the sooner we will have another planting.

With that all said, street trees aren’t loved by everyone in this city and despite F.U.F’s efforts, trees in S.F. are on the decline.  Tree related maintenance and liability such as sidewalk issues and pruning are an understandable deterrent to street trees.  To remedy this issue, F.U.F. has introduced new legislation that would put all street tree maintenance and tree related problems such as sidewalk cracking back on the city to maintain and repair.  Their hope is that by taking this burden off homeowners and giving it back to the city (where it belongs), citizens will be more likely to support this vital environmental & community resource.  You can sign the petition to have the initiative added to the November ballot here:  TELL THE CITY TO MAINTAIN THE TREES

I’ll now step down from my soapbox.



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