Jun 02

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Neighbor Featured On KQED’s “Perspectives”


If you are a KQED listener – which I believe by San Francsico law we are all required to be – you may have heard a perspective the other week by our neighbor Ren Volpe. Her perspective entitled, “Public Space Is…Public,” is a nice reminder to all of us in this increasingly congested city, that perhaps it’s time we all just chill the “F” out a bit.  Okay, so maybe she didn’t say it quite like that, but I think her message about coexisting in an increasingly tight space was well made and very apropos to the growing tension in this city.  Even here in the neighborhood that nobody knows about, new residents and businesses are moving in and with that comes less space to spread out.  While change such as freshly painted houses, park improvements and Breweries are welcome by most, the trade-off appears to be less street parking and more packed buses.  But as Ren suggests, living in an urban area is about sharing our common spaces and sometimes we all need a little reminder that the park, road, bus or sidewalk belongs to all of us.   I’ll try to remember that and remain cool next time I find myself sharing the sidewalk with someone else’s parked car.

You can read Ren’s thoughtful piece and listen to it in her own words at the KQED website: CLICK HERE

Hat tip to Elisa for recognizing our neighbor on the radio.


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