Oct 26

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Child’s Play At Woolsey St. Cemetery


Ghoulish paranormal activity or a neighbor with a fantastically dark sense of humor?  You decide.  Either way, some interesting items have been popping up on the 300 block of Woolsey St.


During my bleary eyed morning walk to the bus last week, a strange poster for a missing doll caught my eye.  The instructions asked, that if found, to return the questionable doll back to the “Woolsey Cemetery”.  I’d somehow missed this landmark and decided that being a little late to the office was probably worth the risk on this occasion.   Back tracking half a block, I discovered that the once charming 1890’s Victorian perched above the street has taken on a much more sinister appearance.  A menacing doll’s head has been nailed to the gate, wishing passerby a “Happy Halloween” while a truly creepy ghostly figure rests on the garden stairs in silence (It still gives me the willies every time I pass it on my home)..


Continuing on, nestled between the haunting Victorian and the neighboring bungalow to the east, I found the Woolsey Cemetery.  Intricately created by man or monster, its full of little surprises.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but it’s complete from clever tombstones to skeletons and disembodied body parts.  Someone or something clearly put a lot of time and thought into this little spookfest for the neighborhood to fear & enjoy.


Swing by to take a look for yourselves, the cemetery is located on Woolsey Street between Brussels & Goettingen Streets.  Have a Happy Halloween Portola!



As an aside, the PNA is having a trick or treat community meeting/open house this Thursday night. There will be candy for the kids provided by Grocery Outlet which is officially opening November 17th.  Check out the flyer below:


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