Jan 12

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Check Out Seeds At The Portola Library

Attention Garden District green thumbs, you can now “borrow” seeds from our local Library. Thanks to Alta Vista’s second grade class (now third grade), there is a free collection of seeds available to all patrons. The students took on the project with the help of their garden education teacher, Miss Marissa and our own fabulous Portola Librarian, Nicole. The students created the charming depository that is now located in the Library and then reached out to seed suppliers.  They were able to fill the seed library all through donations from local Bay Area companies.  The project was installed just before the holidays at the Portola Branch Library and now open to all local gardeners.

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So how does a seed library work (I had no idea myself to be honest)?  It’s quite simple, you can “borrow” the seeds to plant in your garden.  When the plants you have grown go to seed, collect some of those seeds and return them to the Library to restock. Seeds are dormant but living and have a time frame before they are unusable, so the cycle of replenishment is key to the Library’s success.  You can find a much more detailed explanation of the idea and benefits of a seed library here.


This is Alta Vista’s second project in the Portola community. Last year, they worked with the Portola Neighborhood Association to install the very popular Little Free Library nestled in Burrows Pocket Park.  Thank you Alta Vista!


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