Jan 16

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Interview with our new District 9 Supervisor, Hillary Ronen

The Portola Planet was created in 2011 (yip we past our 5th year birthday on Dec 19th last year!) to be an online resource for those interested in neighborhood goings on. We made a decision to avoid any politically charged posts and wouldn’t be publishing any content that endorses any campaigns.

However, we did interview David Campos in August 2012, after the redistricting of the city. The goal of the interview was to learn about how his role impacts our neighborhood, considering the Portola had just become a part of District 9 along with The Mission and Bernal Heights. So after the cities 2016 elections, we thought it would make sense to interview our new incoming supervisor, Hillary Ronen.

We reached out and she’s more than happy to meet with us and discussion her plans for her office and how they will reflect on the Portola.

So… unlike last time where we made up our own questions for David Campos. This time we have many more readers to the blog and we’d like to know what you want to ask her. Contact us via email at [email protected] or Tweet us @portolaplanet. You can also leave a message for us on our Facebook page!

We have not confirmed a date yet, but we hope to be sitting down with Hillary sometime in Feb… so get your questions in now!

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  1. Jake Balzac

    Please!?!?! Ronen cannot even stop double parking, smoking violations, loitering, and littering on San Bruno Avenue in The Portola District. All politics is local, and Ronen and her staff fail at it. One-termer.

    Want to test that? Call her office with a problem. You’ll receive words but no action. Typical politician. Let’s get someone better in who actually deals with constituent problems in The Portola District.

    Time to dump Ronen in the next election.

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