Feb 17

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Portography: Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s that time of year when the Portola’s large and diverse Asian community celebrates the coming of a new year with a bang. As most Portolans know by now, the neighborhood typically explodes with the sounds of celebratory fireworks during the month of February. Due to the nonstop but much-needed rains, the firecrackers have been a bit subdued this time around. Luckily, a small break in the weather over the past two weekends provided an opportunity for several San Bruno merchants to bring the year of the Rooster celebration to the Portola. Last Saturday morning you may have heard the rhythmic rumble of beating drums and popping firecrackers echoing through the neighborhood from San Bruno Ave. Accompanying the beat of the drums and bringing good luck to neighborhood businesses were two lion dancers making their way down the Avenue. . Several neighborhood photographers heard the celebration and made their way down to the Avenue to capture some of the excitement. Enjoy and Happy Lunar New Year Portola!

Credit: Ken L.

Credit: Ken L.

Credit: Arthur K.

Credit: Arthur K.


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  1. Karen Freedman

    What fun! I miss the old hood yet thanks to the newsletter, I get to enjoy what’s happening all year around…😃

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