Apr 03

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P.N.A. Decluttering San Bruno Ave.

Member;’s of the P.N.A. Safety & Transportation Committee pose next to the new combined boxes.

The Portola Neighborhood Association’s Safety & Transportation Committee’s goal is to improve the functionality of San Bruno Ave. Not a small task by any measure. They achieved a milestone in their efforts to make the sidewalks less visually and physically crowded with the installation of improved news racks. The new racks have replaced the long chains of ugly multicolored boxes in favor of single combined units in a classic green tone. Nothing is ever easy to get done as this relatively simple seeming project has taken three years of negotiations with the city and news publications.  Props should be given to former P.N.A. board members Henni Lara and the late Irene Crescio, who took on the project and the current committee that saw it through to implementation.

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  1. Laura Milvy

    Now maybe we can get it allowed to part vertically rather than horizontally, as parking is always at a premium. Clearly there is plenty of room since so many people double park.

    I would like to see improvements on Silver as well since that is our other main street.

  2. Shae Inglin

    Love the work being done! Great job!

  3. joey

    great work! but wow it took 3 years to get this done… imagine the difficulty of other potential improvement projects. don’t set your hope too high

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