Apr 18

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What’s Happening At The Abandoned Avenue Theater?

If you follow the Portona Neighborhood Association on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen a very cryptic but tantalizing post this morning.  Apparently something very interesting is happening with the long abandoned but much-loved Avenue Theater.  See the screenshot below for exhibit A:

Screenshot of the P.N.A’s post this morning showing a building permit sign in the window of the Avenue Theater. Notice that the neighborhood association is listed as the contractor.

Just as curious, if you happen to pass by the theater itself today, there is some more unusual activity happening around the building.  As I write, there are reportedly construction crews on boom lifts inspecting the facade of the abandoned theater.  I placed a call to Luke Spray, the P.N.A. corridor manager, to find out more about what’s going on.   He was tight-lipped pending some final details, but said that the project has been several years in the making and that they finally received all the signed contracts yesterday needed to start the work.  He added that there will be an official announcement in tomorrow’s P.N.A. newsletter about the project and he is confident that the neighborhood will be very pleased by the news.  So until then, we wait.  In the meantime, you can sign up for that newsletter here to be one of the first to know.   And of course, we will keep posting here on the Planet.

What’s happening here?

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