Apr 17

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The Wild Parrots Of The Portola

Wild Parrots of the Portola resting on a light pole along Woolsey St.

San Francisco’s famous Parrots (specifically Telegraph Hill’s) have been expanding their flocks and territory further into the city’s other neighborhoods for years now. One of those flocks – perhaps more – have made their home in the trees on the hill between Woolsey Street and the north end of Burton High School. The Parrots have been spotted daily “commuting” towards downtown in the morning and back to the neighborhood in the late afternoon according to some reports from neighbors. Last Sunday, they were spotted by a reader, socializing on the power lines along the 500 block of Woolsey around 5 p.m.  There are several species of Parrots know to be living in S.F. but the most common are the Cherry-headed Conure, which is the same variety that appears to be living in the Portola.

For those of us who are not trained bird waters, there is an easy way to spot a wild Parrot aside from its colorful feathers.  They have a very distinct and fairly loud squawk that is unmistakable. See the video link below to hear what a San Francisco wild Parrot sounds like, we are sure you will spot them if you haven’t already.


On a related note, just down the block from the Parrot’s reported home, is the nest of a giant hawk.  We have a grainy shot from the same day of the tree top near the intersection of Goettingen & Dwight Street.  We also have confirmation from a neighbor on Dwight St. that there is a nest in the tree that just so happens to be a block from the believed nesting area of the (tasty) Parrots.  The circle of life, here in the Portola.   – Thanks for the photos Mike U.!

If you know more about these parrots or other flocks in the neighborhood, please share with us in the comments.

Blurry iphone shot of the Dwight Street Hawk.



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