Jun 21

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Community Rescues Alemany Island

If you have driven past Alemany island anytime over the past 6 months, you’ve probably noticed that the winter rains drenched it with weeds. The hand painted mural panels weren’t looking so hot either after years of battering from the sun, wind and rain. A group of motivated neighbors also took notice and reached out to the P.N.A. for some organizing assistance.  After a year of planning (mostly waiting on the weather to cooperate), a month-long project to bring the neighborhood gateway back to life kicked off in April. The 15 or so volunteers dedicated three weekends to weed, mulch and plant the island’s overgrown garden.  A final weekend was needed to clean and apply three protective coatings to the murals resulting in the vibrant and gleaming panels you see today.

For those unaware of the project’s history, the Alemany Island Project was the brain child of a group of Portola artists. Each panel was designed by artist Kate Connell and Oscar Melara and painted by a different home in the neighborhood.   If you look closely at the panels, you can see that a different hand is evident in the painting of each one.  You can read more about this project’s organs and see photos of each board in our past post HERE.

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  1. Maggie Weis

    100 bags of weeds we did fill, 100 bags of weeds! Nice write up Alex and Thanks to All the Best Folks in the Portola for conceiving of, creating and maintaining this community art and garden installation!

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