Jun 16

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Power Of The Portola: Community Surpasses Fundraising Goal In Record Time


The quick success of the Avenue Theater crowdfunding campaign goes to show how much us Portolans cherish our theater.  In a surprising show of support, the $7,500 goal was met in just 9 days.  But what’s truly astounding, is that the donations aren’t stopping.  As I write this post, the tally is now over $8,000, with over 50 individual donations from the community.

As described in our posted last week, the funds raised will all go to the facade restoration project, helping to bring the landmark back to life.   Paying the way for flashing neon, movable lettering and restored movie poster cases to display art, historic photography and community event notices. This powerful showing of community pride should send a strong message to potential investors and the building’s current owner. The Portola want to see the preservation and revitalizationof the Avenue Theater and we have clearly put our money where our mouth is.

Read more about the facade restoration project goals.

Update:  Due to the huge and unexpected success of the crowdfunding campaign, the PNA is going for their stretch goal of $10,000.  Please continue to spread the word and you can donate here



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