Jun 02

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The Reservoir Goats Are Back!

If you were a bit sad to see the horses leave the neighborhood last month, the goats have arrived just in time to fill the void.  The annual visit from the insatiable eaters has become a bit of an unofficial neighborhood event. Attracting the attention of kids and adults, pressing fists of grass through the chain link to lure the friendly brush clearing machines over for a closer look. .

For those who don’t know, the goats are brought in every spring to clear out the overgrown grasses around the University Mound Reservoir. As of today (Friday), they are on the southern side along Woolsey Street between University and Bowdoin St.  They will slowly be moved counterclockwise around the reservoir as they chow down on the grass. Typically they only stick around a few days and this weekend will probably be the best time to catch them.


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  1. lindalitehi

    So happy to hear about this. I think we could use the goats for many “weeding” projects in and around our city parks. A much better alternative to herbicides! Hope I get a chance to see them.

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