Aug 24

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Apparently Kevin Spacey Has Our Doors

We’ve heard this neighborhood rumor for quite some time and it appears that it might actually be true. If you haven’t heard, the story is that actor Kevin Spacey bought the Avenue Theater’s entry doors several years ago when the church operating out of the space at the time, deemed them too risqué for their congregation and had the doors removed.  The naughty doors in question feature scenes depicting topless nymphs playing in the flowers with birds and floating orbs – hot!  The Art Deco fantasies are etched into the glass on several sets of doors that were once between the lobby and the auditorium areas of the theater.  The whimsical motifs complimented the decorative paintings that once adorned the theater’s interior walls (see photo below) which were also painted over by the church.   We are told that Kevin – first name basis since he’s kind of a part of the community now – installed them in his Deco style home theater down in the L.A. area.

Only known image of one of the door panels.

A Portolan intrigued by the story did some serious online digging and was able to find out who handled the sale, a man by the name of Gary Parks who specializes in architectural salvage and sales.  Gary was so kind as to provide the only known photo of one of the door panels and confined much of the story. Considering that Mr. Spacey bought them fair and square, the doors will probably not return if and when the theater’s interiors are restored. That’s okay though, we have also been told by Gary that the designs would be relatively easy to replicate should that day come.

If you would like to keep up on all the discoveries by our local Avenue Theater history buff, follow her posts on the “Renew The Avenue” Facebook page.  We will continue to share the secrets and history being unearthed by the community as the restoration of the theater’s facade continues.

The interior of the Avenue Theater after its 1940 renovation. Note the nymph motif in the decorative paintings as well as the doors above.

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  1. Laura Milvy

    It would be absolutely wonderful for the theater to be returned to it’s former glory. I would love to have a movie house in our neighborhood. Perhaps upstairs could be rented as offices. And if anyone has a connection to Kevin Spacey, and could let him know, maybe he would help in the restoration or raising awareness of the project. If of course, the project is acceptable to the hood, since we still do not know what it will become.

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