Aug 10

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SF Weekly: The Best Little Neighborhood You’ve Never Heard Of

SF Weekly sure seems to have a soft spot for the Portola.  The local publication named our neighborhood “the best gentrification proof neighborhood in SF” and has featured glowing reviews of San Bruno Ave establishments in the past.  Last week the publication pulled out all the stops on their Portola Lovefest when they dedicated the entire August 2nd issue to our relatively unknown neighborhood. We’ve posted links to the articles, each highlighting different aspects of Portola’s history, culture and growing community activism.  The latter of which, I’m told, is something the neighborhood is gaining a reputation for, a community that gets stuff done.

Thanks to SF Weekly for the community recognition and for seeing what most us already know about the neighborhood. We’ve omitted two articles that we think deserve their own posts, more to come….

Neon Revival: Portola’s Avenue Theater Returns

Another great write-up explaining the history of the Avenue Theater and chronicling the community’s efforts to save it.

Reimagining (Tiny) Vacant Lots

More on the expansion of Burrows Pocket Park and making lemonade out of freeway bound lemons.

Urban Agriculture or More Housing?

A glimpse at the next big fight to preserve Portola’s past and ensure our future as the Garden District.  Note the sneak peak at the Urban Agriculture Center proposal.

Eating Your Way Down San Bruno Ave.

A cultural profile of the Portola’s diversity through food.

McLaren Park Wants To Step Out Of Gold Gate Park’s Shadow

A brief history of the park and news of a summer long music festival called “Wildwhere.”

Portola’s Pronunciation Quandary

We all know the proper way to say the name, SF Weekly just reminds the rest of the city.  And a little shout out to the Planet and our past reporting on the subject 


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