Oct 17

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Bernal Hill Is Sending Us A Message

“DREAM” as seem from San Bruno Ave.


You may have caught a new sparkly addition to the view north on San Bruno Ave over the last couple of weeks. Artist Ana Teresa Fernandez has created the inspirational message of “DREAM” in giant letters made of small glittery disks and aimed it straight at the Portola – perhaps the freeways too.  Either way, the “HOLLYWOOD” sign inspired piece is perfectly aligned with San Bruno and the message appears to be reaching the Portola judging by the emails we have received.

The installation came to fruition through a collaboration with the artist and the Yerba Burma Center for the Arts. The press release below explains the idea behind the installation and the significance of the location.  Visibility from the Portola was actually an intentional factor in its placement, that’s not just typical; Portola Planet hot air, although they mistakenly refer to us as the “Excelsior” despite our own giant sign.


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) announced today the upcoming unveiling of DREAM, a public art installation by visual artist Ana Teresa Fernández, commissioned by YBCA and co-sponsored by San Francisco Public Works. Facing San Francisco’s Excelsior District, the sculpture will serve as a public expression of YBCA’s ongoing partnership with the area. Composed of ten-foot-high block letters spelling out the word DREAM, the shimmering sculpture will be situated on the hill above the Alemany Food Market and will be seen by commuters going to and from San Francisco at the Highway 101-Highway 280 merge.
A public unveiling of the sculpture will be held on Friday, September 22, 2017, 11 am–1 pm at the Alemany Farmer’s Market, located at 100 Alemany Blvd. The event will feature performances by students from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and Bessie Carmichael Elementary, where YBCA has provided civically engaged arts education programs since 2015. […]
Two years in the making, the DREAM sculpture is located less than a mile from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and will be installed near the intersection of the unimproved streets of Jarboe and Peralta. The sculpture, spelling out the word DREAM, is attached to a support system on the south side of Bernal Heights facing Bayshore Blvd. its facade consists of metallic disks that create a visual effect of three-dimensional shimmering water.
Explains artist Ana Teresa Fernández, “At Bayshore hill, and beneath two heavily transited freeway overpasses, sits an industrial building whose bottom half is entirely upholstered by graffiti tags that spell out the word DREAM. This graffiti is a creative epitaph to one of the best-known and most beloved graffiti writers and peace fighters from the Bay Area, Mike “Dream” Francisco of Oakland, who was killed in the year 2000. I was inspired to take the text and create a three-dimensional version higher up on the hill, like the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Instead of casting your hopes on fame or notoriety, this would be a sign to compel individuals—not just the widely mixed-race population that inhabits and transits through this area, but all individuals who come across it—to start identifying their goals and aspirations, from a place of consciousness and awareness, and to begin the process of pursuing them.”

Photo credit to Bernalwood

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