Nov 16

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Flowery Fruit & Cake Creations At New(ish) Bakery

Our first taste of Fancy Wheat Field’s beautiful and yummy cakes

It’s Cheap, It’s Nice & Most Importantly, It’s Good!

I’ll just come right out and admit it, I turned my nose up at Fancy Wheat Field Bakery before it moved into its new location, the cramped old space serving hotdog filled pastries wasn’t calling my name. That all changed several months back when a neighbor brought over a cake from their new space at 2668 San Bruno Ave.  The cake which I would describe as “mango sponge” was not only tasty but arrived  intricately decorated with fresh fruits carved and assembled into a little work of art. Surprisingly, as we later learned, the entire cake was only $26 which is a relative steal compared to any San Francisco bakery, and it even came with candles

Fancy Wheat Field now open in the space once occupied by Lido Pastry, Photo courtesy of FoundSF.com

The new location which opened about a year ago, occupies a space that’s operated as a bakery since the Muni 9 was a streetcar.  The revamped Fancy Wheat Field has brought a fresh look to the old brick building with marble counters and a wood ceiling inside and a new facade that helps spruce up a changing San Bruno Ave.  Popping in any morning, especially weekends, you will typically find a bustling atmosphere of deliveries going out the front door, a line of customers with trays of treats in hand and small groups chatting over coffee around the handful of tables.

The cakes and confections baked fresh daily at Fancy Wheat Field are a twist on familiar classic American style desserts.  Expect assortments of cakes, mousses, breads and all kinds of buns that range in flavor from “blueberry and cheese” to ingredients new to my desert palette like red beans.  Which to my surprise, tastes very much like peanut butter. For those a bit more adventurous, the savory side of the counter features items such as crab salad, sausage or pork baked into a savory bun.  While some of the selections aren’t for everyone, there is definitely something here to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and it’s great to have this place in the neighborhood when you need a dessert in a pinch that won’e break the bank.

Words aside, we’ll let the gallery below tempt you into stopping by sometime.  Heads up though, it’s cash only and the buns go fast on the weekend.


And Now, Photos Of Delicious Cake (and more)…




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