Nov 03

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The G.O. Annual Wine Sale & Portola Store Update

Attention Neighborhood Winos

If you enjoy wine and haven’t checked out the deals and variety at the Grocery Outlet (1390 Silver Ave), you are missing out. As we have reported in the past, their wine following is so strong that someone has dedicated a blog to reviewing their selections .

For any newbies or dedicated G.O. sommeliers out there, the big annual wine sale is going on now at all G.O. locations including Portola.  20% off all bottles through Tuesday means deep discounts on already well priced bottles.

How Is The Portola Store Doing?

Glad you asked, in short, they are doing phenomenally one year into the new location. After a series of markers in the Silver Ave. location have come and gone, it appears this one will stick. We spoke to Ray, the life long Portolan and owner of the Silver Ave store, who informed us that this location has had the strongest opening in the local chain’s recent expansion. The Portola store also has the most sales of organic and specialty items at 19% of total sales versus s 14% at other S.F. G.O. stores.  Good news because this means G.O. will continue to stock more of those items in the Portola store as the brand expands its offerings.

As you may have heard, the Berkeley based Grocery Outlet chain is in the midst of a giant expansion program, adding more locations all over the western U.S.  This should give the chain more buying power with high quality brands. Ray also shared that store owners are pushing the company to also use this expansion opportunity to begin featuring items such as fresh-baked local breads commonly found at other specialty markets. As he joked, the brand hopes to be recognized as the Nordstrom Rack of foods, not the Ross.  We think that’s music to everyone’s ears here in the Portola.

If you have any suggestions for the store, Ray is committed to making his location a market for the community. You can email or call with any feedback or specific product requests that you would like to see stocked.

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