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Bike Share Coming To The Portola, Give Your Feedback On Station Locations

You’ve probably noticed the bright blue Ford GoBikes rolling down city streets lately.  The popular bike share system which has been operating mostly in the downtown core of the city for several years now, is expanding to the Portola. Starting in the summer of 2018, three new stations will appear on the less hilly, eastern side of the neighborhood. Giving able-bodied residents a new cheap and easy transit option for getting around the city or just the neighborhood.

Portola’s proximity to major bike routes and the flat southern waterfront poises the neighborhood as a natural expansion spot for the bike share system.  Also Included will be other southern neighborhoods located between here and downtown, fully linking us to the larger system of pick up and drop off stations.  Perfect for commenting, a trip to AT&T park on a nice day or just over to 3rd street for dinner.

Ultimate success will be judged by how much the neighborhoods utilize the bikes  and if they can make a dent in our growing congestion issues.  Being the eternal optimist that we are here at the Planet, we can envision an emerging biking culture here in the flat sections of S/E SF, especially as development continues along the waterfront and Bayview.  Bringing more to do and see within a 20 minute biking radius of the Portola – Chase Arena, Pier 70, The Ship Yards and Candlestick all come to mind but time will tell.

Enlarged map of S/E SF proposed bike share station locations

Feedback on Proposed Portola Locations

I’m the meantime, now is the time to help plan for Portola’s bike share future by commenting on the three proposed sites in the Portola, numbers 68, 85 & 92 on the map above. CLICK HERE to fill in your comments.

Is there a station site not listed in the neighborhood that you would like to see? Propose alternate locations in the comments section for consideration by the planners.  More details about the expansion program are HERE.

Visit the official Ford GoBike’s website to learn more about pricing, how bike share works and how to sign up by clicking HERE.

Full proposed bike share system map

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